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Custom GameCube controllers are designed for the ultimate experience in playing video games. With a custom GameCube, you can play the type of game you love. Whether you’re looking for shooting or action, platform or adventure, you can find the right custom GameCube controller to suit your needs. You can even personalize your own controllers with any colors or personal effects you want.

Custom GameCube Controller
Custom GameCube Controller

Unlimited customizability

Custom controllers let you express yourself to the fullest! Change the buttons on your face, the PS home button, the touchpad, the thumbsticks, the triggers and bumpers, and the LED light bar to suit your own tastes. 

Qualitatively superior

All of our consoles, controllers, mice, keyboards, and headsets are designed and painted from scratch by our top-notch staff. You can create over 8 million combinations. We will create a controller tailored to your needs if there is a design that is not currently available. Please contact us for more information

Features of Custom GameCube Controller

These are the features of custom GameCube Controller

Pro Series Performace

It became possible for mods to be added when the development stages were in full swing, so players would have an authentic tournament-ready experience. There is a factory shield calibration function for every TR edition as well as adjustable snapback and vibration settings.

Original Specifications

Our exclusive Pro Series: Nintendo GameCube controller features a state-of-the-art reproduction of the original GameCube motherboard, preserving all the original controller’s attributes.


With its Tournament-Ready design and compatibility with all Universal Controller Fix software, the Pro Series: Nintendo GameCube controller puts you on an even playing field whether you play Melee or Ultimate.

Factory Calibrated Shield Drop

After assembly, we calibrate the controller’s Potentiometers with our Factory Calibrated Shield Drop Software. We include all this with every Pro Series controller! 

More Information on Custom GameCube Controller

Custom GameCube Controller - Type 1
Custom GameCube Controller – Type 1

To fully enjoy your custom GameCube controller, it must be able to support the majority of the popular video game systems out there. These include Nintendo Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation. These are great for PC games, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and all others. These superior gaming consoles also work perfectly with the latest games like Wii and Xbox. These controllers work via a standard USB cable that plugs into the Wii console port or through the backplate of the Xbox 360.

The standard Wii remote is an all-time favorite for many Wii owners. It’s small, light, and fairly cheap compared to other types of Joycons. However, some users have complained that the Wii remote has a stiff feel to it. This is especially true when you first receive it, which may be frustrating during those first few days. The Wavebird brand takes this one step further. Their wireless, ergonomic joycons are designed specifically with the competitive gamer in mind.

Experience Game with Custom GameCube Controller

For a truly amazing and personal experience, try a custom Gamecube controller based on the Wavebird brand. These are designed using innovative, two wireless sockets that allow each player to use a separate wireless connection. This ensures that each player can choose their favorite games and controllers with ease, and quickly switch between them. Also, unlike some other controllers, the Wavebird makes it easy to connect and disconnect without having to reconnect the Wiimote to the console.

If you’re looking for something more unique, the top-of-the-line custom GameCube controller in the Ganondorf brand would be worth taking a look at. Ganondorf’s unique features are the arms, which look similar to that of the Ninja Master’s. The controls are slightly different; it looks like he holds both his arms together in what looks like a stance. This, coupled with the realistic-looking blade attacks, make this a popular choice amongst serious gamers.

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Things You Should Know About Custome GameCube Controller

Custom GameCube Controller
Custom GameCube Controller

As with any custom GameCube controller, it’s important to know what makes a good fit for your system. If you’re planning to play on a large projector screen, then a quality Ganondorf wave bird would be a good choice. If you’ve got a smaller handheld then a better option might be the Crazy Climber or a similarly shaped controller. In fact, with the way most of these come packaged, you can even go out and buy a Wii Fit tracker and find one that is perfect for your needs.

If you haven’t played too many of the Mario games, the best custom Gamecube controller to get is a controller designed for the game. A few of the better examples are the Super Mario Galaxy, which includes two additional controllers so you can really make sure you get the feel for the game. The classic game, Super Mario Bros, has two joysticks, a Classic Plus, and a Classic CTR, which helps make it easier to aim and perform the smash technique. With these, you won’t have to worry about getting used to the unique characteristics of each character; your control will be consistent no matter who is playing.

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