HORI GameCube Controller– Best GamePad

Hori GameCube Controller

Short Description

  • This Hori GameCube Controller is a Wired USB Controller
  • This HORI GameCube Controller features 10 ft Long Cable
  • It has Anti-snapback analog sticks
  • It features fast-action L/R & ZL/ZR Buttons
  • It is Designed with Turbo Setting
  • It is Officially Licensed by Nintendo

Review on HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad GameCube Style Controller

This is one of the best Battle Pad available in the market. It’s almost like other GameCube controllers. The only main thing that makes it different from other GameCube Controllers is: It is designed mainly for Battle Games. So, We should consider this as a Battle Pad Controller.

Now, It is better to review this product with the individual components of the controller that matter to most of us.


The main stick of this Battle pad has a relatively shorter throw than that of the Official GameCube Controller, with a more defined octagonal gate. The stick seems to be very snappy and makes forth and back movement easier.

This Gamepad C-stick is also like the main stick but Throw remains similar to that of the original GameCube controller. This Hori GameCube Controller also has a bigger D-Pad.

Moreover, The Main Stick and the C-stick have a large dead zone. It is believed to be designed in such a way to compliment the snappy stick.


The Buttons felt like it is being clicked even while not playing. X and Y Buttons are taller than the A button. It makes it easy for our hand to fit the curve of our thumb.

It works better with no lag when multiple buttons get clicked at a time. The Buttons are softer. Shoulder Z buttons have been modified like the standard Buttons. The Left/Right triggers make us feel completely different.


Handles are designed with a rough texture on the outer surface to prevent it from slipping. In Simple Words, the Probability of Slipping of the HORI GameCube Controller is less. The handles seem a little smaller and are not deeply grooved on the base.

The inward Curve is lesser at the base of the handles and reduces the surface area for your fingers. This GameCube Controller is also thicker around this area and makes it stretching to move up from the L/R buttons to hit the shoulder.

Advantages of HORI GameCube Controller

  • Anti-Snapbag Sticks and Turbo settings are available for precision, accuracy, and Speed.

hori battlepad

  • Quick Action Triggers: Lightning-fast response.

hori switch controller

  • Easy-to-use Grip: For Comfort Hours of Playability.

third party gamecube controller hori

  • Best for Battle.

Disadvantages of HORI GameCube Controller

  • It is not an Official GameCube Product. But, It is an Officially Licensed Product of Nintendo.

To Sum Up, It is always better to read reviews on Social Media and forums about any devices over the internet. If you’re not satisfied with my review or want to know more about HORI GameCube Controller, you should read other’s reviews too.

Unboxing of HORI Nintendo Switch Battle Pad