How to Connect Gamecube Controller to Switch?

how to connect gamecube controller to switch

If you have purchased the Gamecube console, you may already know how to connect it to your computer. The directions that come with your Gamecube come with the appropriate cables to allow you to control your Gamecube through your computer. However, if you are unfamiliar with how to connect the Gamecube controller to switch, then you should follow the specific instructions in your Gamecube’s user manual.

Step 1: Attach your controller to the console

The first thing you will need to do is attach your controller to the console using the appropriate cables. You will find that you have only one cable to attach for some models, while others may require two.

Step 2: Plug the adapter into the two ports

Once you have attached the controller, then connect the two ports on your Gamecube. Your next step in how to connect Gamecube controller to switch is to plug the adapter into the two ports on your computer. Using the provided USB power cable, plug the adapter into the corresponding ports on your computer.

If you prefer, you can also use the wall outlet that comes with your computer to provide your adapter’s power. When the adapter is powered on, it will automatically detect which ports are currently being used by your system. It will then begin to communicate with the Gamecube software and display the various information for each game that is running.

how to connect gamecube controller to switch

Step 3: Test your adapter

What you will find after connecting the Gamecube to your computer is that your adapter is working! To test your adapter, connect the controller into a system with a USB port. You will see a message appear on your screen indicating that the device is successfully detected. Once you see this, you are ready to begin using how to connect Gamecube controller to switch. Plug the adapter into one of the two USB ports on your computer.

Step 4: Follow the onscreen instructions

The Gamecube software should prompt you that you need to insert one of the two sub-a ends into the corresponding ports on your Gamecube. Follow the onscreen instructions, and insert the adapter into the port on your system where the game is being played. Your adapter should now detect the game and should display a loading symbol. If you see this, then your adapter is working!

After detecting the Gamecube game, the adapter will display a logo or an icon that indicates which port it is using. This means that you can now select the other port. To continue, select the new port. However, this process usually varies depending on your specific adapter.


If you still need more help, more people are available on the internet who have written articles on how to connect the Gamecube controller to switch. Be sure to visit their websites for additional information. Be sure to try all these steps until you have successfully connected your controller to your Wii console. Although the process seems quite complicated, in most cases, you will be able to complete the task in no time at all!

Another option for those interested in how to connect Gamecube controller to switch is to buy an adaptor card, which you can use to make the process easier. However, keep in mind that this process does not allow you to switch game consoles because you will need to plug the controller into a USB port. There are also cables available that provide the ability to use multiple devices at once and are a right solution for those who have multiple gaming consoles.

These cables are usually longer than those for connecting the two USB-a ends of the controller to the switch so that they can handle more devices. When shopping for an adaptor cord, it is important to ensure that the adaptor cord matches the controller, as there are a variety of different types available.

One final option that you can consider for your how to connect Gamecube controller to switch dilemma is to get a USB adaptor and plug in your controller into one end. Since the Wii uses a different power scheme from the older Gamecube console, this is not recommended. The power provided by your adaptor could be insufficient to run the system.

If you have a modern DVD player or cable box with built-in USB ports, then this option should work for you. You will need to ensure that your game system has at least 2 USB-a ports to use an adaptor cord with the controller.