How to use Gamecube Controller on Switch?

how to use gamecube controller on switch

Step-By-Step Process is given on how to use GameCube controller on Switch. Follow the instruction properly:

Before Starting, We want to inform you that the GameCube Controller is only supported on Switch Consoles with running system version 5.0.0 or more.

Also, To use GameCube controller on Switch, GameCube Controller Adapted is required and is sold separately.

Step 1: Make sure that Your Gaming Console has the Latest version of Running System.

It is necessary to ensure that the gaming console you have has the Minimum requirement to support Switch. So, First of All, Make sure that your console has the latest system Version.

Step 2: Connection between GameCube Controller, Switch, and GameCube Controller Adapter

Connect the Nintendo Switch Console in TV mode and Connect both USB plugs from the GameCube Controller Adapter to the Nintendo Switch Consoles Dock.

Step 3: Connection Between GameCube Controller and It's Adapter

Connect a GameCube Controller to an available port on the GameCube Controller Adapter.

Step 4: Press any key to Register GameCube Controller on Consoles

After Connecting, Press any button of the controller for GameCube Controller to register on the Console.

Fifth, after you have set up everything, you can start playing your first game! Be sure to explore all the modes and select the ones you want to try out. Each game has a different type of Gamecube controller, so exploring all the possibilities will really enhance your gaming experience. When you are playing, make sure to keep an eye out for game hazards like spikes and bombs! These things can really ruin your game if you are not careful when they hit the ground.

Now that you know how to use the Gamecube controller on the switch go ahead and download the firmware file for the Nintendo Gamecube. Once it is downloaded, you need to connect your Gamecube to the computer. You will now be able to play your Gamecube through the Wi-Fi connection in your home. Happy gaming!