Gamecube Controller Layout

Gamecube Controller Layout

Gamecube controllers Layout is notoriously difficult to figure out. The problem is that the Gamecube developers went ahead and made a controller that is used for so many different games that it’s impossible to ever figure out which controls work with which games. Fortunately, I have found that you can figure out how to control your Gamecube just by memorizing some of the shortcuts. There are a lot of people who get stuck because they don’t know the shortcuts or just can’t figure them out. Here are some of my preferred shortcuts for Gamecube controllers.

The first shortcut that I want to talk about is the infamous “circle jump“. This is a very popular move among Gamecube users and a lot of people seem to be confused as to why it works or why it doesn’t work. The reason that circle jump works is that the Gamecube controller layout is different than any other popular gaming consoles. Right in the middle of the screen, there is an X symbol which is what you’ll normally see when you’re playing the Gamecube console. What this means is that whenever you press the leftmost button on your controller, you will jump four spaces ahead, horizontally.

The next shortcut that I want to talk about is telling inverse. When you are looking at your Gamecube controller, it will tell you exactly which directions to jump in. The two different directions that the tells inverse goes across are usually the up and down arrows. In the Gamecube controller layout, there are generally two buttons that will tell you which direction you should jump in, but there are some versions that will tell you that there is an X symbol in the center. This tells you to jump in the opposite direction.

The next thing that we will talk about is the Wii U shoulder buttons. The standard Gamecube controller layout has the left shoulder button, center shoulder button, and right shoulder button. The Wii U, however, utilizes a new style called the “pro” controller. Instead of having two buttons, there is now only one, which makes it much easier to use.

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This new style of the controller is actually more ergonomic than the standard Gamecube controller as well, as it does not have all of the unnecessary buttons and sticks. What you basically get with the Wii U Pro controller are your standard Gamecube buttons plus a light bar that illuminates your buttons. There are also two analog sticks, which make using the controller a lot easier.

The final thing we will talk about is the super smash edition controller. If you have been paying attention to the new game, you know that the main game is the game called Super Smash Bros., or simply SSB for short. The super smash edition controller is a brand new evolution of the game. This newer version includes many new features and even more buttons. Basically, this edition controller is similar to the standard Gamecube controller, except it includes some additional features.

One of these features is the use of what is known as the turbo buttons. These buttons give the console an extra kick in, making you hit your opponent. However, if you get tired of how these turbo buttons work, you can remove them from your Gamecube controller. If you do remove them, you should remember to put them back on before you finish playing the game. Many gamers have found this annoying, but it can be done. There are a few different variations of the super smash series, so you should look for one that works best for you.

With all of the Gamecube controllers being available today, there are a lot of things to choose from. However, it’s always a good idea to do some research online to find the best controller for the game you want to play. There are also plenty of different sites that review Gamecube controllers, including pictures and ratings to help you make a better decision. We also provide a review of the Gamecube Controller. With a little bit of looking around, you should be able to find the perfect controller for your gaming needs

PDP GameCube Controller Layout

 Every-third party GameCube controller is a little modified than the Original White Japanese GameCube Controller for certain improvements.

If any modifications were made to a controller other than that of the original, it may have some changes in layout. So, Here you can find the Layout for PDP GameCube Controller.

PDP GameCube Controller Layout

PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller Layout

Like PDP GameCube Controller has certain modifications over Original, PowerA Wireless Controller  also had made some changes in their design. If the design was modified, we can understand that it’ll also not have the similar Layout as that of Original Controller or PDP. 

So, We are happy to present you Layout for PowerA GameCube Controller.

PDP GameCube Controller Layout


There are so many GameCube Controller on the Market. Nintendo itself as well as all other Third Party GameCube Controller manufacturer may have different GameCube Controller Layout.

So, If you’re searching GameCube Controller layout for the different devices, you may not find all in here. We intend to help you by all the means possible. We’ll regularly update this page with different controller layout.