Nintendo GameCube Controller – Best Official Controller

Nintendo GameCube Controller

Short Description

  • It is an Official Nintendo Brand GameCube Controller.
  • The Cord of this Nintendo GameCube Controller is 3 m Long.
  • It is Imported from Japan.
  • It is Specially Designed for Super Smash Bros.
  • Color: Black & White

Review on Nintendo Official GameCube Controller

I considered myself a melee player and I have been playing it for since last 6 years. I also love to play Smash Ultimate Competitively. After playing few games, I came to know each and every part, as well as the function of this Nintendo GameCube Controller, is perfect and awesome.

The Rumble is incredibly satisfied. The controller works perfectly and seems to have zero that I liked most while playing Falco. If I must recommend a GameCube Controller for Smash Bros, Melee, Falco Games, etc., this controller is the Best One.

For Information, The Chord of this Controller is 3m long and I haven’t experienced lagging so far. Unlike PowerA GameCube Controller (which had very loose analog sticks), This Nintendo GameCube Controller has some resistance on Analog Sticks.

Also, Shell is made up of Softer material than that of the old Official GameCube Controller. The white color of this product is also available on Amazon.

Official Nintendo GameCube Controller

Advantages of Nintendo GameCube Controller

  1. Official Nintendo GameCube Product
  2. Vibrations give you realistic gaming experiences. Some Third-Party GameCube Controller does not feature Vibration Function.
  3. A chord is 3 m long which allows you to sit comfortably.
  4. External Surface is made up of softer shells than that of the Older Version GameCube Controller.
  5. Specially Designed for Super Smash Bros. So, Highly Recommended for Super Smash Bros Lover.

Disadvantages of Nintendo Official GameCube Controller

  1. None (Please Comment Down, If you know any. Some people had reported about Damage-On-Arrival which is I think not a Disadvantages as GameCube Controller may broker during Transportation)

To Sum Up, This Nintendo GameCube Controller is the Best Controller and is highly recommended. It is made in Japan and is the Official GameCube Controller of Nintendo.