PDP GameCube Controller – Best Pro Controller

PDP GameCube Controller

Short Description

  • GameCube™ inspired PDP Gamecube Controller Pro for the Nintendo Switch
  • Changed out the C-Stick for a full-size stick with the detachable stick design
  • Designed to use with Nintendo Switch and also compatible with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • 10 foot of USB cable for plenty of room is available to play with ease
  • It is also Officially Licensed by Nintendo

Review of PDP GameCube Controller

This PDP GameCube Controller Looks Super Cute. It looks exactly like the images available on the Internet. My JoyCon wasn’t working perfectly with Nintendo Switch. So, I bought this controller. I was searching for the Cheap and best one and I think I got it.
All of the buttons don’t stick after pressing for a long time which usually other 3rd Party Controllers do.

I connected it with my Switch immediately after unpacking and guess what, It works perfectly and there weren’t any communication issues. This PDP GameCube Controller is a Value for Money Item. For the first time itself, I played Mario Kart 8 deluxe for an hour.

Advantages of PDP GameCube Controller

1.  Design of this wired fight pad Pro Controller Looks Premium.
2. Affordable: This Controller is cheap than that of the Official GameCube Controller.
3. Wired: It is a wired Controller that makes it less prone to a communication error and 10 feet length of wire allows players to sit anywhere in the room.
4. No Stocky Buttons
5. No Ghosting Control Sticks
6. It is Durable as well. After Playing for 3 months, Looking into the functioning of this Wired Fight Pad Pro, I can assume that it is a durable one.
7. It is comfortable to hold while playing.
8. It allows the user to swap the C stick for a regular control stick.
9. 2 Years of Warranty is Provided.

Disadvantages of PDP Gamepad:

1. It lacks Vibration Motor. Because of this, It doesn’t vibrate while playing which isn’t considered good for gaming.
2. It also lacks Motion Controls.
3. It cannot be used in Handheld mode.
4. It doesn’t feature NFC/Amiibo Reader.

PDP GameCube Controller

To Sum Up, Apart from the absence of Vibration everything else is best in it. So, if you’re searching for GameCube Controller, It is highly recommended.

PDP GameCube Controller Layout

This PDP GamePad is also made similar to the Official GameCube Controller. So, Most of the Buttons and Stick Looks the same and have similar buttons. Unlike Original, It has some extra buttons for making the Gaming Experience Better. It is easy to understand if you’d used GameCube Controller before.

GameCube Controller Layout can be the same or different of a different brand.

PDP GameCube Controller Layout

Unboxing of PDP GameCube Controller

In this Video, the Unboxing and Initial Review of this PDP gamepad is done. It is always better to see the real product on video from customers before buying.

Note: We are not the Creator of the Unboxing Video shown Below. To give the maximum information about this Product, We selected this Unboxing Video of the PDP GameCube Controller for you.


As already mentioned, This PDP GameCube Controller is the third-party officially licensed GameCube Controller. I think This is one of the best GameCube Controllers in the market because it is compatible with both Nintendo Switch and GameCube Home Gaming Consoles.

Moreover, 2 Years of Warranty is available which makes it more flexible for the user to get it repaired if gets damages before 2 years.

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