GameCube Controller Shell – Gaming Guide & Review

Gamecube Controller Shell
Gamecube Controller Shell

It may seem incredibly obvious, but when you first pick out a Gamecube controller, you should always buy a Gamecube controller with a removable, plastic shell. Although the majority of Gamecube controllers have the same, sleek design, there are a few differences between them. The first main difference is the shape of the buttons. All but one are made in a pressed “Y” shape, while all but two are shaped in an “X” shape.

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Official Genuine Gamecube Controller Shell

Different Shapes. The two extra buttons (one on each side) are situated in the center of the bottom shell. This is the front part of the outer shell. To play with your Gamecube, first insert your controller into the matching controller slot on the console, then follow the on-screen instructions to put your system into memory, and then proceed to boot up your computer.

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How to install GameCube Controller Shell?

Once your Gamecube is installed, proceed to plug in the additional two extra buttons. Press the “X” shaped buttons to initiate your game-play. Startup the console, and check if the two extra buttons are working properly. If not, simply switch over to another Gamecube gamepad. These are the two extra buttons that activate special features on your Gamecube.

Remove Outer Plastic Protective

When this is done, you can then proceed to remove the outer plastic protective covering of your Gamecube controller shell. Do not remove the actual shell itself. It is highly advised that you never, ever, remove the plastic shell from your Gamecube unless you are sure of what you are doing. Removing this device may void your warranty.

Check the Wires for Wear and Damage

Once you have removed the plastic covering, check the wires for any signs of wear or damage. If any of these are found, replace them at the earliest convenience. However, bear in mind that your wires should always be kept neatly away from water and other elements. In this regard, it is advisable that you keep the Wii remote, the Nunchuk, and even the sensor stick in a separate compartment in case these three pieces get damaged.

Close the GameCube Controller Shell

Now close your Gamecube controller shell and pull out the three screws that hold the casing together. Remove the three screws, and then lift off the outer plastic covering. There you will find the Gamecube itself, and its innards. You will probably notice that the Gamecube has been factory prepped for you, with its connection plugs already attached. This is to ensure that no unexpected surprises await you once you plug the unit in.

Remove Three Wires from the Plastic Holdings

Once you have successfully removed your Gamecube from its packaging, it is now time to remove the three wires from their plastic holders. You can do this by prying open the plastic shell with a screwdriver, or with the aid of a small pair of pliers. Once you have successfully pry the plastic shell apart, detach the three wires from their plastic holders using a soldering iron.

Once you have successfully detached these wires, you will notice that they are now hanging by their corresponding connections and that the red light on the top of your Gamecube tells you that they are ready to be replaced. Replace the three connections, and then slip in your own adapter.

Check Functionality of GameCube Controller

Your Gamecube should now be functioning like new, and all that’s left is to finish putting your brand new controller on it. Once you have put your controller on the unit, it will warn you whenever you turn it on for the first time. That’s because the Gamecube hardware is sensitive to change, and so it may ask you to insert a micro USB into the back of your Gamecube controller shell before you can start playing.

Insert the micro USB, and it will automatically detect your controller for a short period of time, and then shut itself off. When you’ve successfully put your controller on, and it has detected your buttons, you will then be able to play your Gamecube online with the utmost confidence!

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