Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller – Best to Buy

Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller

Short Description

  • Official GameCube Controller specially designed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition
  • To honor the devoted loyalty to a classic way of playing, this is the Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller
  • It can only be used when the Switch console is in TV(Television) mode

Review of Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller

It has Fast Inputs, Long chords, Good feels, quality, and more importantly, it looks Great and Premium. Compared to the GameCube Controller that came with GameCube, the only difference observed is that This Controller seems to be made up of Plastic.

I liked the changes they made using plastic because the plastic on the Controller feels a lot less likely prone to gather grease or marks after playing for a long hour. I had read several reviews about very different issues with this controller but, I did not find any.

gamecube controller smash

How is it different from the existing GameCube Controller for Switch?

You need GameCube Controller Adapter if you choose to use this Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller. One another factor is the way Smash was MADE to be played. Specifically, the controller started the trend of Smash moving to the Popular and Competitive Scene.

This GameCube Controller button Layout is designed specifically for the mechanics of this Super Smash Bros Game.

The Larger A Button made it easy to touch for your more usual attacks. It has a Smaller b button and is made small for less commonly used while attacking. It depends upon you to prefer using control to jump. The X and Y buttons surround the A Button, making combining Aerial attacks more intuitive.

One another important factor is, It is considered more Smash friendly than other 3rd party or Official GameCube Controller. Xbox 360 Controller, which feels really nice, is set up with Opposing Uniform Buttons, thumbsticks, and Shallower hand grips for ease of use in games different than Smash.

Again, If we compare it with a regular switch controller, Switch GameCube Controller tends to make it more difficult to pay for extended periods of time. Also, Smaller buttons while playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition make more difficult precise Combination.

smash ultimate controller

Advantages of Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller

  1. Compatible with GameCube systems and Nintendo Wii
  2. The cord of this smash GameCube controller is about 9 ft Long.
  3. Designed for Super Smash Ultimate Bros Ultimate
  4. Official Nintendo Product

smash gamecube controller

Disadvantages of Smash Ultimate Controller

  1. Only Black Color is Available


This Controller is an official GameCube Controller available in Nintendo Store. Therefore, It is one of the best GameCube Controller Designed for Nintendo GameCube Home Gaming Consoles. 

Moreover, It is also designed in a way or made-in-japan like product which preserves the gaming experience of Japanese like GameCube Controller. Unlike Some Switch GameCube controller, Vibrations is supported in this gaming controller that enhances gaming experiences.

Moreover, This GameCube Controller is specifically designed to play famous game called called Smash Bros Ultimate Edition. So, If you’re fan of Smash Bros Ultimate Edition, It is highly recommended.