Super Smash bros 64/N64 – 1999

To begin with, Super Smash Bros. really isn’t a fighting game. Yes, we are aware that according to the categories box, it’s a fighting game — and to some extent, HAL has developed a beat them up that bears all the hallmarks of a traditional fighting game. 

It is unlike the Tekkens and Mortal Kombats of this world, since this game doesn’t rely on complicated button combinations or tons of moves to make it exciting. 

The best way to understand this game would be to imagine a mix of Mario Bros. (the original, non-scrolling version) and Street Fighter. 

As a result, we have a new multiplayer battle game that does not fill the huge void in the N64 fighting game lineup, but is a ton of fun and delivers a solid dose of nostalgia.

Super Smash Bros 64 Characters

Every character has a signature move that he/she uses when punching, kicking, and throwing:

Mario: The Italian plumber’s famous fireball and tornado attack are included here, along with a coin-spinning super punch.

Donkey Kong: It can perform spin attacks and punches that can knock you to your knees.

Link: A powerful sword can be used to launch powerful attacks. Furthermore, he can also use two other weapons: bombs and boomerangs.

Samus: Attacks that operate at long ranges (charge beams) and air attacks are their specialty. The ball can be rolled up into a screw attack and bombs can be laid.

Yoshi: Capable of jumping extremely high. A dragon’s tongue can capture an enemy and change it into an egg. His famous butt-stomp allows him to spit them off the platform as well.

Kirby: It is able to mimic the killer attacks of his opponents. By changing into a brick, he can also fly for a short while before crashing down. Also does a great job on the E. A repeated tap on A will give the impression of a Honda.

Fox: Due to its speed and lightning-quick mid-air blows, it has the advantage of speed. He can also launch a scorching Fire Fox, use his blaster and reflect attacks.

Pikachu: It can turn on a dime and move very quickly. In addition to inflicting damage, he can teleport to safety and inflict electric shocks. In the game, he is one of the strongest characters.

Luigi (hidden): Nintendo’s green brother contains Mario’s moves.

Jigglypuff (Purin): Featuring big, cute eyes, this Pokemon is super cute. Kicks well… Puts opponents to sleep.

Captain Falcon: X’s fastest racer dishes out devastating punches to Falcon.

Ness: Mother (EarthBound)’s boy fights with magic, a yoyo, and a baseball bat.

Despite the variety of fighting items included in the game, we would have liked more stage and character options. (There are also an additional few in one-player mode) As a result, there are nine different environments in the hidden classic stage.

In a world where Nintendo owns so many characters, even adding a few more locations or stages would have been greatly beneficial (like Kid Icarus, and where are the Rare gang?). 

In multiplayer mode, this isn’t a big issue, but the single-player mode is too boring. Even though every character has their own unique (and sometimes very difficult) bonus stages, there are a few battles against multiple opponents, but the order of appearance of enemies never changes. 

Through the game with different characters, unlocking hidden items becomes more of a routine act than anything else. In addition to the scoring system, Nintendo added an on-cartridge record keeping feature that measures wins, KOs, TKOs, self destruction rates, time, used characters, average opponents, ranking, attack totals, damage totals.

In addition, you can switch between training and extra stage attack modes, as well as alter character bios and various settings (handicap, team attack, stage selection, damage, time, stock, difficulty, etc.).

Super Smash Bros 64 Release Date

In Japan, the game was released on January 21, 1999. In North America, the game was released on April 26, 1999, and in Europe on November 19, 1999.

With over 5 million copies sold worldwide by 2001, including 2.93 million in the United States and 1.97 million in Japan, it proved to be a commercial success.

This game was published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 and developed by HAL Laboratory.

Super Smash Bros 64 controls

Most attacks are controlled by two button combinations: A and B (depending on which stick you press) and R (grab or kick in the air). Jump with the C button, finish with the L button (for extra points at the end of a match) and shield with the Z button.

Nintendo and HAL have included several items in addition to the special attacks of each character:

  • Motion Sensor Bomb: Grass and surfaces will stick to them and blow up anyone who walks on them. Flashback to GoldenEye, anyone?
  • Bob-omb: When Mario collides with a walking bomb, the adversary explodes when it hits or starts walking.
  • Bumper: Players can throw this pinball bumper to knock opponents over.
  • Poke Ball: A random Pokemon is randomly chosen and will either provide power-ups or attack you (Onyx, Chansey, Snorlax, Charmander, Beedrill, Goldeen, Staryu, Koffing, and Mewtwo).
  • Beam Sword: The equivalent of the Star Wars lightsaber on Nintendo.
  • Hammer: The hammer from Donkey Kong. Although you can still jump, you can only do it once.
  • Fan: A quick strike, but does not deal much damage. It’s perfect for throwing.
  • Home Run Bat: Bring it to your opponents.
  • Fire Flower: Probably the most famous item of Mario which will cause fiery breath.
  • Ray Gun: You can fire 16 shots from the Star Fox blaster.
  • Star Rod: Shoot your opponent’s stars or lobber them.
  • Maxim Tomato: Repairs damage up to 100 percent.
  • Heart Container: Link’s heart power-up restores your damage meter to zero.
  • Star: As long as the music plays, you’ll be invincible.
  • Green Shell: Displaces everyone and damages them.
  • Red Shell: This one focuses on players by bouncing back and forth.
  • Crate: Use it to throw at opponents. It shatters upon impact
  • Barrel: Designed for throwing at opponents. It will roll around.
  • Chansey Egg: Contains a power-up.
  • Capsule: Hit your opponent with it for more damage, or open it to find valuables inside.

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Super Smash Bros N64 Rom

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Super Smash Bros 64 Soundtrack

The iconic bomb drop sounds of Samus and Mario are here, along with all of your favorite melodies and character sounds.

Despite the fact that none of the characters actually speak, they each have their own unique voice effects, such as Pikachu’s death screams (“Pikaaaa Piiiiikaaaa!”) and the NPC Pokemon’s one-word chatter. To make the game more “wacky,” Nintendo of America took away the great punches and impact effects. Instead, a bowling ball now sounds like it is hitting pins. 

The Japanese version of the weapon also does not have the lightsaber hum, possibly for licensing reasons. While the changes in the US version are minute, the feel of the game is still different from the Japanese version. Fortunately, all the excellent melodies are still here. 

Some new tunes are added to the game for battles, as well as remixes and slightly enhanced versions of songs from Zelda, Star Fox and Mario as well as Nintendo NES titles such as Donkey Kong Country, Pokemon, and Metroid. Classic sound effects accompany the game’s winning chants streaks and the “star” theme will also appeal to Nintendo fans. From HAL and NCL, overall good sound — but by NOA, bad changes.

Super Smash Bros 64 Logo

 As you know Super Smash Bros 64. Is now one of the oldest Game of Super Smash bros Series. But Guess What, Super Smash bros N64 Logo was far better than that of Nowadays Super Smash Bros 64 Logo.

The Logo of Super Smash Bros N64 is attached here.

Super Smash Bros 64 Logo


Super Smash Bros N64

Smash Bros. has been my favorite game since its release in Japan — and I still love it today. The majority of my time was spent playing the multiplayer modes. Although the one-player mode isn’t necessarily bad, HAL added some variety by offering bonus stages and team fights, but the order of your opponents never changes. 

After a while, you may find that you stay focused just on getting the hidden stuff. The game comes alive when you connect a few more controllers. 

It may seem unfair to some at first (pay attention to Kirby and Pikachu), but every fighter has their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s another story with Jigglypuff… What a strange character he is. 

Honestly, I hope Nintendo makes a sequel for this game that includes not only characters from the main franchises, but also others (Ganondorf, Meowth, Toad, Pit from Kid Icarus, Banjo-Kazooie — the list is endless). If you are looking for a multi-player smash ’em-up that is worth your time, Smash Bros. is a great choice. It will take a little longer to get the Tekken-killer on N64.

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