Switch GameCube Controller – GameCube Controller Switch

Switch GameCube Controller

There isn’t any controller with the Name “Switch GameCube Controller” or “GameCube Controller Switch” in the Market.  If I’m right, These are only the words, you are searching to find the best GameCube Controller for Nintendo Switch.

We have prepared this Guide/Review Article after analyzing several official and third-party controllers by reading hundreds of Reviews, User Experience with the controller, and considering several gaming factors like ease-of-use, Lagging, etc.

Nintendo is the Official Brand/Manufacturer of the GameCube Controller. Later On, Several third-party companies started production of GameCube Style Controller after Demand rises to a peak.

Initially, GameCube Controller was only designed to be used for the GameCube Home Console which is also a Gaming Products of Nintendo. Later, People started demanding controllers for use in Nintendo Switch, PC, and Wii Console.

After Getting Demands rises to a peak, Nintendo allows the third-party companies to manufacture GameCube Style Controller by providing them a License to sell. Some of the Third-party controllers are leaving their positive Footprint behind in Gaming Industry.

While GameCube Controller demands were rising rapidly, Another product of Nintendo was also being famous i.e. Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch is a home game console and a handheld. It can be used to play games on TV at home and in your hands when you’re not at home.

With the aim to help you out in choosing the best Switch GameCube Controller, We are enlisting some of the best controllers highly recommended for Switch with their merits and demerits.

Best Switch GameCube Controller

PDP GameCube Controller - Highly Recommended


GameCube Controller Switch

There were many things that were wrong with the original, but the PDP is doing a good job of doing better. It doesn’t feel like the original in the hand, but it makes many improvements to its design that many third-party manufacturers have failed to make.

There are several things that were wrong with the Official GameCube Controller but this PDP Controller is performing better. It doesn’t feel like the Original one in the hand but we can feel improvements in the design.

This PDP gamepad has replaced a Start Button with a Plus & Minus button and also added a screenshot and a home button to ensure full switching function. The Smooth texture of this controller feels better in hand than that of the Hori GameCube Controller and has an extra larger c stick that is easy to attach.

More Especially, It is designed especially for Nintendo Switch and is compatible with Super Smash Bros Ultimate Game. It is also provided with an official license from Nintendo.

HORI Nintendo Switch GameCube Style Controller

Hori GameCube Controller

In This Switch GameCube Controller, C-stick has a  large dead zone like the main D-stick. Read available to the fingers is less because of the lack of an inward Curve.

This Controller features a plethora of buttons, 23 in total. One of the most important features of this GameCube Controller is that you can exchange the functions of the L, R, ZR, and ZI buttons. Some of its features are mentioned  below:

  • Easy-to-use Grip
  • Anti-Snapbag Sticks and Turbo setting
  • Best for Battle
  • Quick Action Trigger

PowerA Wireless GameCube Controller

nintendo switch gamecube controller

This Wireless GameCube Controller is mainly designed for Nintendo Switch. Unlike Other Third-party GameCube controllers, It is the only best Wireless GameCube controller for Switch.

Being a Wireless one, It allows freedom to the user. They can sit wherever they want in their room and enjoy the Games. It is also considered one of the best gamepads for playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate

It features wireless freedom using Bluetooth 5.0. Additionally, It is designed with motion controls system buttons to enhance compatibility overall with Nintendo Switch Games. It has a Classis GameCube Design and has a larger D-pad than that of the Official Nintendo GameCube Controller. This GameCube Controller Switch includes Player Indicator and LED for Low Battery Warning.

The Package also includes 2 AA batteries with a backup time of 30 Hours of GamePlay. Like Others, It is also an Officially Licensed Product. Two Years Limited Warranty is provided by the Manufacturer.

Things You Should Know about GameCube Controller Switch

GameCube Controller Adapter

GameCube Controller was designed in a way only to use in GameCube Home Console Gaming. So, the Official GameCube Controller can’t be used directly with other gaming consoles like Switch, Wii Console, and PC.

But, People were searching for a way to use the GameCube controller on other platforms. So, Nintendo came with the Product called GameCube Controller Adapter and it’s designed to be used as a Bridge interface between Switch GameCube Controller and other Consoles or PC.

Driver Required for PC

 There is not anything called Driver on Nintendo Switch. If you are going to buy a controller, it is better to know the features of the GameCube Controller and its compatibility with other systems.

If you want to use GameCube Controller on PC, Some Drivers/Programs should be installed before using Switch GameCube Controller. You can learn more about these things from this Guide: How To Use Gamecube Controller On Steam?


Vibration is one of the vital factors or functions that people use to consider most while choosing a Gaming Controller. It is because of the fact that the Presence of Vibration will give real-life gaming experiences.

With Regret I have to say, only a few Third-party GameCube Controller features Vibration. Most of the people who used to play games with the proper Vibration function may not like the absence of Vibration on the Switch GameCube Controller.

Connection: Wired or Wireless

Most of the GameCube Controller Switch mentioned above are wired GameCube Controller. If Switch GameCube Controller is wired, It is necessary to have a long chord length. It is because, this Controller also can be used to play games on TV, Wii Console or PC.

GameCube Controller Layout

GameCube Controller Layout isn’t hard to understand if you’re a gamer and had the experience playing games on any gaming Console.

There are different manufacturing/production companies of the GameCube Controller. But, Most of the Brand has the same number of buttons arranged in a similar way. Some brands like PDP have designed GameCube Controller with few extra buttons.


In a Nutshell, you can use several Brand’s GameCube Controllers on Nintendo Switch, PC, or Wii Consoles. Some of them like the Official White Japanese Controller can be used only with the help of a GameCube Controller Adapter while some of them them don’t need GameCube Controller Switch Adapter.

If you’re still confused about which one to choose, I would like to Suggest PDP GameCube Controller if you like Wired Controller or else PowerA Wireless Switch GameCube Controller, which is only option if you like Wireless.

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