White Japanese GameCube Controller – Best Review

White Japanese GameCube Controller 1

Short Description

  • Wii-compatible when playing GameCube Console Games.
  • Features Eight-way D-pad
  • Twin analog thumbsticks
  • This packaging Controller is region-free and works on any Wii console.
  • It is 100% compatible with all Wii Consoles.

Overview - White Japanese GameCube Controller

Four Numbers of this White Japanese GameCube Controller can be plugged directly into the Wii console while enjoying GameCube game discs. GameCube controllers only work while playing GameCube Games on the Wii Console.

There are some exceptions like Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros that allow you to use your GameCube Controller. There may be few more games as well on exception. To Ensure, Check your games Instruction Books properly.

Review of White Japanese GameCube Controller

This White Japanese GameCube Controller seems to have Good Quality. I loved it on a First Looks. It has a premium design. I was so happy to get this controller brand new and as good as I listened.

The white color on this controller makes it look stunning Beautiful. It works perfectly with Nintendo Wii.

I had read about several people complaining about Top L and R buttons are stiffer than the ones that come with GameCube. It is stiffer to some extent not much. I think These GameCube controller Buttons feel stiffer only because I read the review before.

I have not seen anything bad in it. So, I think It is perfect and Highly Recommended.
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. Japanese White GameCube Controller 1

Advantages of White Japanese GameCube Controller

  1. 100% Compatible with GameCube systems and Nintendo Wii
  2. This Controller features Eight Way D-Pad.
  3. Designed to Play Several GameCube Games
  4. Official Nintendo Product

Disadvantages of Japanese White GameCube Controller

  1. Top L and R Buttons make us feel a little Stiff.

In Short, This is the original Nintendo GameCube controller and is a Made-in-Japan product. It comes with all the function features by GameCube. There is two Color available on the market. This is the White One and another one is black. Only The Outer Looks i.e. Color is different between them.

If you’re searching for the Japanese GameCube Controller that looks beautiful, it is highly recommended. If your favorite color is black, Obviously you can go for Black.